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personal training

We have skilled, qualified, experienced professional trainer in our gym. Our personal Trainers are capable of training all kinds of clients (Men and Women, Infants, Obese, Body Builders, Special populations, Senior citizens). We teach you exercise give variations in exercise to avoid boar dumb, assist you in lifting weights, give suggestion to improve your performance, strength, stamina and help you in getting a better body shape. We train until you accomplish your goal.


class description

Fat Loss Program is divided into morning and evening batches. In weight Loss our trainer will go through Flexibility training. At first our trainers will teach you few stretching exercise. Core Training is to strengthen your back muscles to stabilize your body while doing heavy intense workouts. Endurance training consists of weight training and Cardio to strength the heart and improves stamina. Weight training helps in reducing body fat; strengthen bone; improves memory power; increase in size of body muscles; it also lowers the risk of heart attacks, osteoporosis in men and women. Aerobic and cardio exercise aid to fat loss and improves your respiratory systems (Heart and Lungs). Functional training is a method of training in which your focus on the integration of multiple muscle groups while exercising the entire body.

WEEKS 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week 5th Week 6th Week 7th Week 8th Week 9th Week 10th Week 11th Week 12th Week
TRAINING PROGRAM Flexibility Training Core Training Endurance Training Weight Training + Cardio (Beginner) Weight Training + Cardio (Beginner) Weight Training + Cardio (Intermediate) Weight Training + Cardio (Intermediate) Weight Training + Cardio (Intermediate) Aerobic Exercise + Cardio Aerobic Exercise + Cardio Functional Training Functional Training
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